Use SSH and rsync to easily share files between machines on the go

The idea is to use an Android phone as a file server so we can have our files always on us. I use a LG G5 which conveniently has an SD Card slot in which I put a 128 Gb card to store files I use daily with 4 different machines. In this article, we will take a look at how Termux, SSH, scp, and rsync can help us improve our workflow without relying on the cloud.

First things first, you have to make sure to install everything Termux-related (add-ons) through either the F-Droid app repository or Google PlayStore, but…

Two years ago I was gifted an old discarded iPad. It was a generation 2 iPad running iOS 9.3.5. Released in 2011, the iPad 2 was supported by Apple up until 2016. Of course I first tried to install common entertainment applications: YouTube, Netflix and such, but it was out of the question, and the iPad was not compatible with latest versions. And unfortunately, iOS does not allow installing older versions of applications.

I then looked into jailbreaking, and it rapidly appeared that this generation of iPad is difficult to jailbreak, especially recently since Apple changed how apps are signed…

Advertising during a global pandemic can be challenging, especially when online advertising companies take all the precautionary measures to limit fake news (more than usual), misinformation and the reach of those trying to profit from this global situation. In this article, I will guide you through the process to run ads about political or social issues.

If your charity is trying to get Personal Protection Equipment(PPE) or donations to healthcare workers and populations deeply impacted by the Coronavirus and its consequences (economic and social), you might have come to the conclusion that social network services (SNS) and other digital advertisers…

The tourism and hospitality industry comes hand in hand with law and order and the absence of health-related concerns; the industry is fragile and subjected to global and local issues alike. The Arab Spring in 2011 brought political, economic and social turmoil to Egypt, a country relying in part on the revenues from the tourism economic sector, and led to a 18.3% decrease in hotel room capacity and the decline continued every year afterwards.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, has led to an impressive international response limiting the spread of the virus. …

Here we are going to make the Raspberry able to serve the application accessible as a normal web server would.

Remove sensitive info from the project:
pip3 install python-decouple
pip3 install dj-database-url
Add a file to store the info which will not appear in the commit (.env added to .gitignore):
nano .env
ALLOWED_HOSTS= ## Enter here the ip address of your web server or it domain name or leave a * to allow any ip in a non production local server) ##

Here the port number is where PostgreSQL was installed, by default: 5432.

Make changes…

They were going down Jubba River, only disturbing the calm waters of pre-rainy season. The band of vegetation on the river banks seemed to be lying in wait for the first rains to revive them and extend their lush greenery onto the land beyond. The boat, which paint had mostly come off, now felt like their home; they even had neighbours from time to time, though they were travelling much shorter distances on the river, an occasion for small trade and to replenish food stocks. In this region, available inland navigation was preferred to unmaintained roads. …

Les phares de la voiture se projetaient sur le bitume usé d’un lieu tout aussi délavé. Ici, alors que les nuits noires ne se voyaient traversées par de rares et brefs jets de lumière, le sol et les murs résonnaient encore du vrombissement incessant des moteurs de la journée.
Derrière le plexiglas, des visages semblaient assombrir la lueur ténue, diffusée par le tableau de bord. L’atmosphère à l’intérieur de l’habitacle pressait les vitres d’un air rance. Pour un vieux gypse superstitieux, cette odeur ne pouvait cependant cacher quelques relents, messagers d’une missive reçue d’outre-tombe. …

Add a remote repository, origin is the name to use next time you push your changes to the remote repository (can be another folder or a URL:

git remote add origin address_to_your_remote_git.git

Change remote repository URL/:

git remote set-url origin remote.git.url/path/to/remote/repository

Add all current files:

git add .

Add only selected file:

git add name_of_file

See changes that will be committed:

git diff

Change past commit text:

git rebase -i (commit hash (example: szpfdfpy2qbj36qb7xwevtgw5fm8trc8bkupjryx7))

Will give you:

change “pick” to “reword”

A file will be opened to change the commit text.
Push the changes to the text:

git push origin…


Install Raspbian on a SDCard on macOS:

sudo dd bs=1m if=/path/to/raspbian/image.img of=/dev/rdisknumber conv=sync

We will use SSH to connect to the headless Raspberry (not connected to a monitor). Once done, go to the SDCard, in the boot folder create a file named ssh (without an extension). Unmount the card, plug in your Raspberry. To find the IP address of your Pi, you can use Fing on your smartphone or use the command below that will list the IP addresses of every devices connected to your network (you will have to test each one out though). …

Not natively available on macOS and not officially supported by Apple, your Mac machine might miss great web development functionalities such as Heroku and PostgreSQL. And it does require a bit of research to achieve a working station with Python3 (installed by default on macOS, but impossible to upgrade through Apple’s official support), pip (Python’s package manager), Django, PostgreSQL and Heroku CLI.

Install Python’s latest version package from the official website.

Install pip by downloading the installer and executing the script using Python:


Installing Heroku’s CLI on macOS is the easy step, just download and install the package…


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